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Private Tram Tour

Private tram tour - Discover Porto by a Private tram tour +  wine tastingToday the group will discover Porto. We will start with a short panoramic bus drive to get aquinted with some parts of the city and proceed to the starting point for the private tram tour. The tram is a nice way to discover the city as the tram visit the old and most charming areas and as it is going in a comfortable speed, so that it is possible to feel the atmosphere of the city while passing by.After the private tram tour we will continue to one of the Port wine lodges on the other side of the Dour River for a visit to a famous wine lodge and a port wine tasting. Bus returm to the hotel.

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Porto Photo Collage

This activity, made by foot, is a nice way to discover the city and to get in touch with its friendly local´s.Goals:All the participants will discover most of the city on foot. They will be given instructions about the way to follow. During the activity the teams will combine the pleasure of photgraphy with diferent games and tasks all to make this walk even more fun. Our staff will be present in different strategic points always ready to answer questions and guide the participants. Challenges:There will be a limit of 10 pictures, from which 8 will be designated (specific monuments or poses) and 2 to be chosen by the team.Each picture will be the result of team work, they will have to determine together when and how they will take. Itinerary:Briefing at the Gonçalo Cristóvão Street, passing by Capela das Almas, Café Majestic, Market square Bolhão, Praça da Liberdade, S. Bento Stations, Sé Cathedral, Ribeira (riverside), Port Wine Cellars (Gaia).Includes:Road-Books (Covers, road-book, map of the city and pen).Organisation, staff at the check points with radio communication, “spy” staff.Polaroid Cameras (1 per team).

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Porto Mountain Biking Tour

Porto is a hilly city and a mountain bike is an ideal mean of transport for a different experience and to discover the “hidden treasures” of the city.The tour begins at the meeting point going through the city of Porto, with beautiful views from the old town and the river line. During the tour participants will have opportunity to stop for relax & refresh.Circuit (example):Briefing at the Gonçalo Cristóvão Street, passing by Capela das Almas, Café Majestic, Market square Bolhão, Praça da Liberdade, S. Bento Stations, Sé Cathedral, Ribeira (riverside), Port Wine Cellars (Gaia).Difficulty: Accessible to everyoneLength: +/- 12 KmDuration: +/- 2H00Area: City of Porto (downtown), and river line.Every customer gets a short, but clear instruction about the bike and the route. Risks and safety will be a part of that story. It’s easy to change the difficulty level of the circuit in accordance with the capacity of the groupThe guides are multi-lingual, experienced in outdoor sports and trained for special circumstances.

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Port Wine Workshop

Port wine (also known as Vinho do Porto and often simply Port) is a Portuguese fortified wine from the Douro Valley in the northern provinces of Portugal. It is typically a sweet red wine, but also comes in dry, semi-dry and white varieties. This day we will visit a famous Port wine lodge in Vila Nova de Gaia. An enologist (wine expert) will lead the workshop that will start with a small briefing about Port Wine and several proves will take place, explaining the principal characteristics of each wine and the differences. After a wine tasting will take place where we must pay attention to, and analyze the different wines.• appearance • "in glass" the aroma of the wine• “in mouth” sensations • "finish" (aftertaste) – are combined in order to establish the following properties of a wine:• complexity and character • potential (suitable for aging or drinking) • possible faultsBy the end of the workshop a certificate will be delivered to all participants.

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