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Gastronomy Workshop

Join your friends/colleagues for an entertaining dinner prepared by yourselves!A professional chef will introduce you to the fresh ingredients and herbs used in the local gastronomy. Together you will prepare a 3 course meal, composed by starter or soup, main course and dessert. The session will be ended with the meal, that has just been prepared together, with some nice Portuguese wine.English speaking chef will be leading the classWe recommend the class to be done during lunch hour.It can be included in a Lisbon excursion or offered separately as a evening/dinner excursion according to availability. Groups of 6- and max 20 persons at the time.

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Surf & Kite-Surf

SURF LESSON / KITE- SURF WORKSHOP AT THE GUINCHO BEACH    This day we will bring the group to the Guincho Beach - west of Lisbon to enjoy a day on the beach and trying out the great winds of Guincho by practicing surf and Kite-surf.Surfing is the water sport with more people doing it in the world. In this clinic we will give everyone the possibility to experience this amazing activity.We will star by heating up the muscles and do some stretching. Strait after this period we will start teaching you how to row, how to “stand up” and all techniques to get some waves. After this learning period our “Surfers” hit the water and try to do some surfing. During this period we will always have trainers on the water to help and make sure everybody is safe. All the equipments is provided by us. Just bring a towel and enjoy surfing.Kitesurfing is the water sport of the moment!We give you the opportunity to come and try it in one of world’s best spot for this sport: Guincho!Learn how to manoeuvre a Kite on the beach, try some tricks and maybe even do some jumps.Fun is guaranteed.All the equipment you need is provided by the organization.Just come and enjoy the sport.Please note: We will divide the group in two sub-groups and half of the group will make surf activity and the other half will make the kite-surf activity and after we swop the activities. 

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Sailing Trip on the Tejo river

Nowadays, the boat is well known for making exclusive sailing and teambuilding events for groups only, in Lisbon, on the river Tagus. Originally the Leão Holandês was built as a 2-Mast Schooner in the Northern Dutch town of Groningen in 1910 for a German skipper, captain Dehde, who used her as a freighter for wood. At that time she was christened “Amalie”.

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Calouste Gulbenkian Museum

In the morning, departure to the Gulbenkian Museum. The permanent exhibition galleries are distributed in chronological and geographical order to create two independent circuits within the overall tour.The first circuit highlights Oriental and Classical Art on display in the Egyptian, Greco-Roman, Mesopotamian, Eastern Islamic, Armenian and Far Eastern Art.  The second covers European Art with sections dedicated to the Art of the Book, Sculpture, Painting and the Decorative Arts particularly 18th century French art and the work of René Lalique. In this circuit a wide-ranging number of pieces reflect various European artistic trends from the beginning of the 11th century to the mid-20th century.The section begins with work in ivory and illuminated manuscript books, followed by a selection of 15th, 16th and 17th century sculptures and paintings. Renaissance art produced in Flanders, France and Italy is on display in the next room. French 18th century decorative arts have a special place in the museum with outstanding gold and silver objects and furniture, as well as paintings and sculptures. These decorative arts are followed by galleries exhibiting a group of paintings by the Venetian Francesco Guardi, 18th and 19th century English paintings, and finally a superb collection of jewels.

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Golf Clinic in Cascais

Quinta da Marinha Golf Club is located in Cascais between the mountains and the sea and in a naturally beautiful setting.Here at the golf course all participants will have the opportunity to learn how to play golf or to improve the already existing skills.The group will be divided into sub-groups and each group will have a golf- pro to give instructions about different types of the game, long-shots, chipping, putting etc. By the end a small putting competition will take place and a winner will be commemorated. 

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Jeep Tour Arrábida

In the morning, departure towards south. After crossing the 25th Aprils’ bridge over the Tagus River take a close look to the Statue of Christ in Majesty (Cristo-Rei – visit not included), a copy of the Brazilian Corcovado built in thanks’ giving for the non-participation of Portugal in the 2nd World War.Continue towards Sesimbra, a small fishing village. Arrival to the local castle and meeting with the Jeeps team. Small briefing about the tour activities.Once inside the Jeeps, drive off the normal tracks to discover the charming beauty of the Arrábida Park surrounding area. Back in normal road, arrival to Azeitão, a small town famous by its’ Muscatel wine. Visit to the local wine cellars including wine taste. Still in Azeitão, visit to and Azulejos (glazed tiles) centre where you will learn a little more about this ancient Art.Proceed to Palmela where a traditional southern lunch will be served at the Pousadas’ cloisters. In the afternoon, continue the tour along Arrábida Mountains, on-road and off-road, and enjoy the view from the top of the highest cliffs of the Portuguese coast. Arrival to Setubal, where some free time will be given before we will get back to the Bus and return to Lisbon taking the 17km long Vasco da Gama Bridge.

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Port Wine Tasting

Port wine institute - Solar do Vinho do PortoThe Solar in Lisbon is located in the Bairro Alto, right in the heart of one of the most typical neighbourhoods of the city. Here inside the beautiful Ludovice Palace in a calm and relaxed atmosphere, the visitor is offered a wide range of types and brands of Port Wine.An organized Port wine tasting is an ideal start of a nice evening out in Lisbon!

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Salsa Lessons

After dinner we suggest some time for some Latin Rythms and some tips on how to dance Salsa, Merengue, chachacha and others latin dances in a group lesson (1hour) in a bar located in Docas - the night-life riverside area of Lisbon. After the lesson the group can stay and enjoy themselves continuing to dance salsa.  

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Tram Tour

PRIVATE TRAM TOUR OF CHARMING LISBONTour duration -+ 2 hours (incl. transport to / from the tram from hotel located in Lisbon)There are Yellow trams with the capacity of max 20 persons and Red Trams with the capacity of 24 persons and the tram tour takes around 1 ½ hours.The tour will take the group to the most ancient and charming parts of hilly Lisbon where the normal tourist bus has difficulty to reach. The speed of the tram is rather slow and comfortable and there is time to appreciate the passing buildings as well as the atmosphere on the streets passing by.We can arrange various types of extra services on board the tram:Coffee-breakPort wine + snacksEntertainment  

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Tiles Museum & Tiles Making Workshop

VISIT TO THE TILES MUSEUM AND TILES MAKING WORKSHOPDeparture to the National Museum of Azulejo. The “Museu Nacional do Azulejos” is located in the former convent of Madre de Deus, founded in 1509 by Queen Leonor, widow of King João II and sister of King Manuel I. The building has noteworthy architectural spaces integrated in the visit route of the museum. The very old base of the collection covers a period between the 15th and beginning of the 19th centuries. It has been subsequently enriched with new pieces that allow the setting up of a route between archaic painted ceramic tiles (Azulejos) from the second half of the 15th century and contemporary tile production.We start with a guided visit of the museum and its rich collection and after the vist, a workshop on the Art of painting Azulejops will take place. The group will (eventually) be divided into sub groups and while one part visit the Museum, the others will be at the workshop and vice-versa.At the end of the activity the participants will be offered a coffee-break in the Museum Restaurant.NB! Max 25 persons can partcipate in the workshop at the time

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The KIP is located close to the beautiful Palmela knoll south of Lisbon. The circuit is distinguished by a series of truly exceptional characteristics, especially its 1,270m perimeter, 10m wide and regular track, and its 1,500m2 support infrastructure. The equipment used in the trials we propose is generally a 160cc kart.- Briefings on race rules and team organization.- Distribution of helmets, karts and balaclavas (aseptic).- 20 minutes of chronometered practice – karts carry a sensor providing on-line information every time the line is crossed, which allows for the line-up to be planned, since the best practice-lap times are allotted the front positions for the start of the race.- 1hour endurance trial – the endurance trial, per se, is held as follows: the team making the greatest number of laps in a certain period of time (1 hour) wins.Since the races are run as a team effort, various changeovers in drivers are made during practice and trials.  These changeovers are conducted as follows: the driver on the track is warned by his/her teammate, who holds up a placard with the team number so that he/she knows they will have to make a pit-stop and be replaced.Each team will be able to see results easily and constantly on TV screens Classifications, via computer, are on-line and immediate, As soon as the winners are known, we go to the podium to hand out cups, medals and, of course, the time-honored champagne.

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Lisbon Peddy Paper

Lisbon’s Downtown (Baixa in Portuguese) flows down to the multihued River Tagus, “brushing up against” such of Lisbon’s jewels as are Restauradores and Rossio, then emerging into what is one of the city’s ex-libris and one of the most beautiful squares in Europe – the Praça da Figueira. Belém, for its part, stands for the path to modernity, with monuments such as the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos and the Torre de Belém having been classified by UNESCO as World Heritage.With this program we plan, by means of certain tasks, to take a look at the most important zones in the city of Lisbon, each with their own legends and stories, while catching a glimpse of the daily life of local people, who they are, how they live, where they came from.  We have introduced what we consider to be less “trodden” paths into this program, but richer ones from a tourist standpoint. By doing this, we “make” participants visit typical places in a lively and entertaining way.On arrival participants will be given a briefing and general rules will be distributed, along with road-books, team numbering and pocket-money.  The “BAIXA . BELÉM PEDDY PAPER” sets out to show the contrast between Ancient and Modern Lisbon and will take participants to its most interesting points, of which we would highlight: Downtown Lisbon and the Belém zone – Jerónimos, Bélem Cultural Center (CCB), Museu da Marinha, Padrão dos Descobrimentos, etc...The pastimes and tasks to be accomplished will enhance the program in different ways. To achieve this, we have divided them into the following general categories: Observation quizzes, local thematic quizzes, a tram trip, trying out regional specialties (cherry brandy and Belém custard cream tarts) shopping for typical products (chestnuts, gaily painted Barcelos Cockerel statuettes), and photos (optional).ROAD-BOOKS – Teams will find these a useful tool in achieving their goals.  They’ll be easy to handle and understand, while being entertaining at the same time.  All itineraries and tasks will be listed in these books.  The competitive factor is, of course, part of these activities, but in a beneficial way because in the end it turns out to be a win-win situation for everyone in getting to know a little more about Lisbon, Portugal and the people in their team.

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Sintra Peddy Paper

This program sets out to explore the World Heritage Town of Sintra by foot, with its legends and history, while learning something about its inhabitant’s daily life.When participants arrive to Sintra, they will be given an activities briefing, with general rule, road-books, team numbering and pocket money being distributed. The Sintra Peddy paper takes place in Sintra´s historic center, guiding participants to the most interesting points, of which we would highlight; the Toy museum, the Regional museum, the Post office, National Palace of Sintra, the traditional market, the town hall, the Moorish fountain etc. etc.The competitive factor is, of course, part of these activities, but in a beneficial way because in the end it turns out to be a win-win situation for everyone in getting to know a little more about Sintra, Portugal and the people in their team.

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Sintra Jeep Tour

Leaving the asphalt roads and all the asphyxiating comforts of civilization far behind, we head for the offbeat places hidden deep in the Sintra mountain range, traveling in a suitably equipped jeep.In the hands of experienced drivers, we feel the full exhilaration of cross-country exploring, splashing through the mud and water in the middle of the exotically luxurious vegetation of the Sintra game reserves, or cruising along the crest of the ridges with the full panorama spread out before us.We will journey into the heart of the Sintra Mountains, discovering little villages and convents on a delightful trip of carefree leisure and excitement.Cruising on, we will see in front of us the Sintra mountain range in all its glory, the neighboring villages, the breathtaking Guincho Beach from where we will reach the western-most tip of the European Continent - the Roca Cape.A Wine tasting in local wine cellar will take place during the afternoon.The trip is over, but Sintra... will never be forgotten.

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Sintra Raid 4x4

With our daily routines increasingly dominated by stress, likewise our need to combat it grows too.  Well, you know what they say -  “All work and no play …..”.   So, the SINTRA RAID 4X4 program is one full of adventure and powerful thrills, where participants will be put to discovering hidden trails in the Sintra hills by themselves.  Using road-books, they will be able to beat a path to forests, monuments, and wide-open spaces.  The games and obstacles they’ll encounter en route are accessible to everyone, encouraging conviviality and fun.After teams (already duly organized) arrive, we start on a briefing to clarify any doubts as to the SINTRA RAID 4X4 rules.  When everyone’s ready, we start sending off teams in relays.  The adventure’s begun!!!The SINTRA RAID 4x4 participants will learn why Afonso Lopes Vieira wrote: “Sintra is one of the most beautiful and rarest places that the prodigious invention of nature has labored to create”.  The Lagoa Azul, the Ribeira da Mula Dam, Fojo da Adraga, Cabo da Roca,... all these will unfold before them as participants calmly discovers which path to take.  For classification purposes and obvious safety reasons, the time jeeps take to cover the route will not be counted in terms of rapidity but in the accomplishment of the targets set. GAMES — By deciphering enigmas and messages, and answering quizzes, teams will be able to go to the next checkpoint and then on to the next game.  Upon arriving at Lagoa de Cima, participants will come across the 1st game — SLIDE: Teams will have to slide down a completely taught cable hanging at an angle to the ground to get to the other side, where they’ll find the next road-book. Again in the jeeps, solving enigmas they uncover along the way, teams will arrive at Cabeço de Sousa, where they’ll find the 2nd game — ELEVATOR – Employing a simple system of ropes and pulleys, teams will hoist up one of their members, secured to the other end of a rope, equipped with the proper safety equipment, in order to find the 3rd road-book. On cliff tops near the sea, they’ll find the 3rd Game - ARCHERY CONTEST: Only by hitting the target will participants get to the 4th and last road-book.The trip is over, but Sintra... will never be forgotten.

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Bicycling Tour

Experienced monitor (English speaking) will meet the group at the hotel with the necessary equipment- mountain bikes and helmets-to give a short briefing and start the tour.Starting by biking along the boardwalk connecting Estoril and Cascais, proceed through the charming village of Cascais and after passing the “Boca do Inferno” for a photo stop. Leaving Cascais, heading towards the  Guincho beach, by using the bicycle lane along the beautiful and dramatic coast. The rest of the tour will be adapted in accordance with the conditions of the day and the demand of the group.Duration of the activity: 2 ½ hoursIncluding:Professional monitor, equipment, insurance, water, etc 

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