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West & North

Belas Golf Course

This course has been designed so that the development of the surrounding houses protects and enjoys the peaceful views over the course. Having one of the best course layouts in Portugal, it provides a close contact with preserved nature, and is challenging enough for most demanding golfers, requiring both skill and tactical play. The Belas Clube de Campo is near Sintra, between the town of Belas and Vale de Lobos, only 20 minutes drive from Lisbon centre, Estoril and Cascais.

Bela Vista Golf Course

This was the first built Municipal golf course in Portugal. Located easily within the city, it's perfect for a quick escape from the downtown of Lisbon.

This is a short and somewhat demanding course due to its reasonably undulating terrain and six artificial lakes. The course has three par-3 holes, whilst the others are all par-4. The course is capable of satisfying the needs of most types of golfers whether it is to learn the game or practice their shots. Also has a  practice range for a quick shot session to relax and remove stress.

Estoril Golfe Club Course 

The Estoril Golf Club has suffered some changes since its inception in 1929. It first existed as a nine hole course and was later enlarged in 1945 to its present eighteen holes. This course has many times in the past hosted the Portuguese Open. In 1997 the Portuguese Ladies Open was also played on this course.

In the 90´s it suffered a further change due to the land needed for the construction of a nearby motorway. The sixteenth hole was subject to the most redesign and was reborn as a 184 metre par-3. Regardless of these alterations it is now considered by many players as one of the most outstanding hole to play in Portugal. Introduced within the 18 hole main course there is a further nine-holes designed mainly for beginners of the game.

Estoril Golfe Club - Blue

This nine hole course has been designed as a teaching and practice course within the layout of the normal 18 holes of the Estoril Clube de Golfe.

Estoril Sol

This course is a good choice for beginners in the game of golf as there are several par-3 holes. Located at the south foot of the Sintra hills this six hectares of land on which the course is constructed provides many tees and sensible challenges helping players to build their confidence and experience. Practice with the various types of irons is possible - short, medium and long - as well as approaches, bunker shots and putting.

In 1880 the Lisbon Sports Club was located in central Lisbon on the grounds of today’s Campo Pequeno Bullring. The Club later built its first course in Algês which consisted of only six holes. A larger space was later acquired in Belas and initially a 9 hole course was constructed. This was at a later date expanded to the present 18 holes.

Lisbon Sports 

By many members it is known as a "tricky course" to play. A small river by the name of Jamor runs through the course presenting some challenges that defy even many good players. As a final reward the par-4 eighteenth hole of 442 metres sets out to press the patience of any player. As you make your way down the fairway this "Rio Jamor" threatens to catch your ball some six times before you land on a narrow green surrounded by cypress trees.

Oitavos Golf Course

Located in the Natural Park situated between Cascais and the hills of Sintra, it is a course that has been designed to take advantage of its environment and the sea views through the pine wood forest surrounding the holes.

Paço do Lumiar Golf Course 

This nine hole course is located within the Greater City of Lisbon in the Paço do Lumiar district and has been designed as a location for those fortunate to have time to either practice or have a round of golf during the week. It runs a special school for younger players divided into groups - starting from three years old up to 18 years.

Penha Longa Atlântico Golf 

The setting of the course can be considered as unique in comparison with most other courses in Portugal. Located in the parklands of what was originally a very wealthy 14th Century Monastery that has been very carefully restored. No expense appears to have been spared in creating this course and its surroundings that includes a residential development.

The topographical layout of the 18 holes is over gently wooded hills which adds to its overall beauty. The course offers interesting water hazards, some elevated greens and added to this is the challenge of the strong winds that some times occur. This course has to be played with respect for its architect Robert Trent Jones Jr. who has created a golf course that demands skill from most experienced golfers. The course has hosted the Portuguese Open and several important international events.

Penha Longa Mosteiro Golf 

The Mosteiro Course was also designed by Robert Trent Jr. and acts as a perfect compliment to the Championship Atlântico Course. This 9 hole course is laid out to wend its way through the resort and enjoying the wooded countryside whilst at the same time providing a course to improve the game of every golfer.

Quinta da Beloura Golf 

This course is located on flat land between Cascais and Sintra mountain and thus enjoying the nice views. Carefully consideration has been given to creating a course with a pleasurable game involving many water hazards. The eighteenth par-4 hole of 384 meters is designed as an attractive final finish to your round. The green remains hidden behind the largest of the many lakes and demands your final approach shot to be accurate.

Quinta da Marinha Golf Course in Lisbon

It seems there is a tendency when playing on Portuguese courses that the par-3 holes often prove to be the most challenging holes on the course - the Quinta da Marinha Course is no exception. The fifth hole is a good example with several protective bunkers surrounding an elevated green having made sure to carry the water. The fourteenth is another hole which is played over a steep bank that becomes an interesting challenge for a choice of club and style of stroke. The small tight greens on the course asks the player to be cautious in their approach shots. This course is often chosen for some Portuguese Golfing events.

East & South

Aroeira Golf Course 

Located within comfortable driving distance of Lisbon the course is situated in an area of pine trees. The first hole is a par-4 that demands a very accurate second shot as a water hazard waits to the left and a large bunker to the right. Two other holes worth a special mention are the eleventh and the fourteenth. This course is a favourite location for Portuguese tournaments and charity events, and has twice hosted the Portuguese Open.

Aroeira II Golf Course

This is an adjacent course to Aroeira I and presents a different style of golf for the player. Due to the flat geographical nature of the land on which the fairways are laid the course is made more challenging by well placed bunkers, some of which are of "pot" character. Water hazards are well provided for by five strategic placed lakes. Using fairly fast large greens of Penn A2 type grass a golfer on each hole is given the choice of five 5 teeing levels to chose from depending on their ability. The location has also been developed by the owners into a attractive family-style leisure centre.

Montado Golf Course in Lisbon

A course located close to the historic town of Palmela and within comfortable driving distance of Lisbon. The course is surrounded by vineyards and is laid out on slightly undulating terrain covered with oak trees. Generous wide fairways beckon the player to its greens, most of which are elevated. The par-3 hole on the eighth claims for an interesting challenge.

Quinta do Peru Golf Course

This course is located on the south side of the River Tagus and is within comfortable driving distance of Lisbon and located in an area known for its quality wine and cheeses.
Golfers have stated that the outgoing nine-holes are only beaten in their difficulty by the back nine-holes. The first three holes consist of a par-5, a par-3 which is over 160 metres, and then a par-4 which is over 316 metres. Still in the first nine of the course the number 7 which is a 178 metre par-3 hole has an attractive but inviting lake in front of its green. In the back nine the 17th again again over a water hazard requires an accurate shot from the player. This course has supposedly been designed for amateur players but at the same time making part of the going even demanding for some professionals.

Santo Estevão Golf Course

Located to the east of Lisbon in the fertile rolling lands of the northern Alentejo. Stretched over 72 hectares the course has ample room to take advantage of wide fairways and open wooded countryside. The first whole quietly and easily introduces the golfer to the course. However, by the eight hole the player will find that the game has changed introducing more skill with teasing greens. The 11th hole, Par 4, is the most attractive on the course and at the same time the most challenging to play well.

Ribagolfe Golf Course

This course that has been designed as a location for being included in the busy Portuguese calendar of tournaments. The holes are laid out over undulating ground with sufficient water hazards and bunkers to challenge most golfers. The fairways are decorated with the typical cork trees famous to the Alentejo region.

Ribagolfe II Golf Course 

This 18 holes course is unlike its bigger sister as it is mainly designed as a course for the Members although visitors are allowed to play. The holes are laid out over undulating ground with sufficient water hazards and bunkers to challenge most golfers. The fairways are decorated with the typical cork trees famous to the Alentejo region.

Tróia Golf Course 

This course is located some 40 kms south of Lisbon on a peninsular. Take the motorway to Setúbal and head for the docks. A ferry will take then you across the estuary to the peninsular and the course.

The holes are laid out on the dunes whilst magnificent pinewoods line most of the fairways on the inland side. Whilst playing the player has charming views across the sand to the magnificent blue Atlantic. The first hole provides a par-5 with a green protected by no less than eight bunkers! The par-4 on the third hole is considered outstanding by many golfers. As the fairways tend to be narrow accuracy is imperative in order to score well. The renowned 18th hole has claimed many a victim on their point of glory - happily for the failed golfer the clubhouse is very close!


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