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Sintra & Cabo da Roca

The magic of the natural scenery and the memory of Man’s passage through Sintra, the mysterious mists, the play of water and greenery, result in a unique poetic ambience that makes Sintra a place that inspires.



(duration 8 hours)

Sintra is an inexhaustible attraction!
The perfect symbiosis between nature and its built heritage led to its classification by UNESCO as World Heritage, at the category of Cultural Landscape, in 1995. The town has been adored over the years by artists and writers from all over the world and the passion for the town reached its peak in the 19th century, in the heart of the romantic era.

Poets such as Lord Byron, who called it a "a Garden of the Earthly Paradise", or Portuguese writers such as Eça de Queiroz, who described it in so many passages in his books, helped create an aura of the town, which is theirs by right.

Starting in the Historic Town Centre, stands the National Palace, one of the many monumental buildings of the region. A guided tour will take place in the palace and after some free time will be given to walk through the centre of the town is to travel through a magical world, full of extremely rich apparently insignificant details.

A delicious lunch will be served in a local restaurant.

Departure towards Cabo da Roca, the westernmost  point of continental Europe. About this special place, the great Portuguese epic poet, Luis de Camões  wrote: “this is where the land finishes and the sea begins”.
Driving by the coastal area of Guincho, arrival to  Cascais a former fishing village nowadays more faced into services & tourism. If timing allows it, some free time will be given in Cascais Bay. Drive towards Lisbon via Estoril taking the boulevard road along the beautiful coast.

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