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Porto Wine and Fado Evening

Fado is the song that harnesses the Portuguese soul. Deep-seated feelings, disappointments in love, the sense of sadness and longing for someone who has gone away, everyday events, the ups and downs of life - inspiration for Fado can come from almost any source.



(duration 4 hours)

Enjoy one of the top quality wines produced in the whole world in a relaxed yet glamorous atmosphere at the Port Wine Institute in Bairro Alto.
Then departure towards Alfama quarter, the oldest one in the city, for a traditional Portuguese meal in a Fado House.  During the dinner you will listen to Fado, the national song. Often compared to Gospel due to its strong character melodies, the Fado is sang by candle light and has the mystic sound of the Portuguese guitar as background. Fado song lyrics may sound blue as some of them speak of lost love or forbidden passions but they are also cheerful whenever the theme is good wine, bullfighting and spending time with your best friends!

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