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Óbidos, Batalha & Alcobaça

Óbidos, once the wedding present of a queen, the preserved medieval town of Óbidos lying 80 km north of Lisbon is without doubt one of Portugal's most classic walled settlements. When strolling along the maze of narrow cobbled streets of Óbidos, at each step, one comes upon vestiges of different civilizations.



(duration 8 hours)

Departure for “Oeste Region”- a fertile region, full of natural and cultural attractions.  Its landscapes, full of colour, varying with the seasons of the year, are dominated by thousands of hills with scattered whitewashed villages and the characteristic windmills that symbolise the West region.

The preserved medieval town of Óbidos lying 100 km north of Lisbon is without doubt one of Portugal's most classic walled settlements. Walking the ramparts, visitors can enjoy views of windmills, vineyards and surrounding farmlands. In the residential area below, narrow cobblestone streets are lined with whitewashed houses sporting terracotta roofs. The shops are piled high with local handicrafts, while in spring the town is ablaze with geraniums, morning glories and bougainvillaea.

Proceed to Alcobaça to visit the monumental Cistercian Abbey of Santa Maria, founded in 1152 (classified in UNESCO's International Heritage list). ). Highlights to be seen inside: Gothic tombs of King Pedro I and Inês de Castro; cloisters; the Chapter House and immense kitchen.

Next stop will be the fishing village of Nazaré where a fresh fish lunch will be served.

In Batalha we will visit the Portuguese Gothic masterpiece and classified in UNESCO's International Heritage list, the Santa Maria da Vitória Monastery (14th-16th centuries) –
a national landmark. Special mention must be made to the Founders' Chapel, with its magnificent stain-glassed windows, cloisters, Unfinished Chapels (Manueline) and Chapter Hall.

Bus return to the hotel

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