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Festivities in Portugal

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Flower Festival in Madeira

Place: Ilha da Madeira

In Madeira, springtime is honoured like a queen, being crowned with the Flower Festival, held every year after Easter.
In celebrating springtime and the exuberance of the flowers that typically bloom in that season, and here with even greater intensity due to Madeira’s subtropical climate, Funchal is the setting for a truly sumptuous spectacle, the city’s Flower Festival.
The festivities begin on the Saturday, when thousands of children dressed in the appropriate fashion flock to the Praça do Município to take part in the building of a mural of flowers - the Wall of Hope.
The next day, dozens of floats decorated with a myriad of the island’s most typical flowers leave the scent of gentle but ephemeral perfumes in the air - it is time for the Flower Parade.At the same time, to mark the occasion, Madeiran artists devote their time to building unforgettable floral carpets, strategically exhibited in the streets at different points, whilst competitions are also organised to find the best decorated shop windows.
Come and experience the springtime here too!

Festivities of Espírito Santo

Place: Ilha da Madeira

Festivities of the Holy Spirit on the Azores - religious devotion with medieval origins.
On the archipelago of the Azores, the famous Festivities of the Holy Spirit take place from April to June on Sundays and exhibit different characteristics from island to island and from village to village.
Brought from mainland Portugal by the first colonists, the festivities of the Holy Spirit maintain their medieval origin as regards their popular features and the colour of the ceremonies.
The invocation of the Holy Spirit during natural disasters that have tormented the archipelago and the fame of its miracles, the hard life and the isolation of the islands contributed to the worship taking root and lasting, while it disappeared on mainland Portugal.
The rituals have hardly been altered. An emperor is crowned in the parish church. With a sceptre and a silver plate as a symbol of the Holy Spirit, he presides over the festivities every Sunday during the seven weeks following Easter.On Whit Sunday, there is a great feast in the town. The centre of the ceremonies is a small chapel, or ‘empire’, used for the distribution of the soup of the Holy Spirit, with meat and vegetables. This is where the crown, the plate and the sceptre can be viewed on the altar.
The passing of time has given the festivities of the Holy Spirit individual characteristics on each island, although some common elements have remained like the coronation of the ‘emperor’, the viewing of his insignia - the crown and the sceptre - the procession of the ‘emperor’ and the ‘empress’ with their escort, the day of the feast when offerings of bread, meat and wine are distributed.

Atlantic Festival

Place: Ilha da Madeira

The Atlantic Festival is an important event that combines entertainment and culture.
This festival presents high-quality classical and erudite music at some of the region’s most emblematic venues, such as Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias, Casa das Mudas in Calheta and a number of churches.
The Festival has acquired even greater artistic importance with the introduction in recent years of the International Fireworks Competition, in which contestants organise firework displays to accompany the music on June Saturdays. Take advantage of this opportunity to come and visit Madeira when it is in festive mood.

Date:  June 


Feasts and Popular Saints

Place: Lisbon / Porto ...

June 13th is St. Anthony’s day, while June 24th belongs to St. John and June 29th to St. Peter - three great excuses for coming to see how we celebrate saints’ days in Portugal.
Saints’ days are full of fun and merriment. The streets are decorated with balloons and arches made out of brightly-coloured paper; people dance in the city’s small squares, and altars, dedicated to the saints, are put up as a way of asking for good fortune.
Lisbon celebrates the day of St. Anthony the matchmaker from 12 to 13 June. "Santo António, Santo Antoninho, Arranja-me lá um maridinho..." (St. Anthony, my dear St. Anthony. Find me a husband...) is one of the oldest and most popular chants in the city. In Avenida da Liberdade, there are the Marchas, a parade of the inhabitants from the city’s different traditional quarters. There are hundreds of singers and dancers and a vast audience applauds their favourite participants. It is a show not to be missed.Meanwhile if you are attracted to someone, declare yourself to them in the heat of the festivities and offer them a manjerico (a flower-pot with a sweet basil plant) and a love poem.
St. John is celebrated in Porto, from 23 to 24 June. It is a festival that is lived to the full in the streets, where anything is permitted. People carry a leek with them, which they use to hit their neighbours over the head, all in a healthy spirit of fun. There is also dancing, while the highlight of the night is the firework display over the River Douro. And when you’ve worked up an appetite choose something to eat from the traditional menu for these festivities: Caldo Verde (cabbage and potato soup), Sardinha Assada (grilled sardines), bread and red wine. Delicious!




Rally Vinho da Madeira

Place: Ilha da Madeira -

The European Rally Championship is hosted in the spectacular landscapes of the island of Madeira in early August.
The European Rally Championship is the oldest international competition organised by organised by FIA (the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile), and includes 10 events in 10 European countries. The Madeira Wine rally is one of the most important events in the championship and is the region’s biggest automobile event, attracting thousands of spectators to mountainous areas in search of a better place to watch the vehicles as they thunder by.
The rally is named after one of the main products in Madeira, the liqueur wine that was already highly popular in European courts in the 18th century due to its unique aroma and flavour. 

Date:  August 


Festas Gualterianas



Place: Guimarães -

If you visit Guimarães during the first weekend in August, you will be able to enjoy the Festas Gualterianas, which have brought great life and entertainment to this city for more than a century.
The high point of the celebrations is the procession held in honour of São Gualter (St. Walter). This takes place on the Sunday, but the vast programme of entertainment includes more than enough activities to appeal to everyone. There is also a historical parade, a battle fought with flowers, bullfighting, fireworks and lots of live music.

Date: August



 Festivities of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios

Place: Lamego

In September, see the festivities of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios in Lamego, and don't miss the Procession of the Triumph, the most symbolic point of the event.
During the procession the Virgin is pulled by yoked oxen, making Lamego the only place in the Catholic world where an image of the Virgin is transported by animals.

Date: September



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