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In the Trail of the wild boar

RAID 4X4 with Multiactivities        Without doubt a very entertaining program where each team must combine their individual strengths in order to become the winners of this fabulous adventure.The group will be met in the hotel and then divided into teams.


Each team will be given a road-book: a manual with clues and signs to keep them on the right track so throughout the day they can demonstrate their orientation skills. The Road-Book not only contains instructions for the team on how to reach the different places of adventure, but also texts, questionnaires, tasks and puzzles thus forcing the teams to follow the route with maximum attention.
The group must also create and display a team flag. The “Columbus egg” will be given to them right at the start and must be kept in one piece during the day. Deduction of
50% of the points gathered is the penalty if the egg is not returned intact

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