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Sintra Peddy Paper

This program sets out to explore the World Heritage Town of Sintra by foot, with its legends and history, while learning something about its inhabitant’s daily life.When participants arrive to Sintra, they will be given an activities briefing, with general rule, road-books, team numbering and pocket money being distributed. The Sintra Peddy paper takes place in Sintra´s historic center, guiding participants to the most interesting points, of which we would highlight; the Toy museum, the Regional museum, the Post office, National Palace of Sintra, the traditional market, the town hall, the Moorish fountain etc. etc.The competitive factor is, of course, part of these activities, but in a beneficial way because in the end it turns out to be a win-win situation for everyone in getting to know a little more about Sintra, Portugal and the people in their team.

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