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Lisbon Peddy Paper

Lisbon’s Downtown (Baixa in Portuguese) flows down to the multihued River Tagus, “brushing up against” such of Lisbon’s jewels as are Restauradores and Rossio, then emerging into what is one of the city’s ex-libris and one of the most beautiful squares in Europe – the Praça da Figueira. Belém, for its part, stands for the path to modernity, with monuments such as the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos and the Torre de Belém having been classified by UNESCO as World Heritage.With this program we plan, by means of certain tasks, to take a look at the most important zones in the city of Lisbon, each with their own legends and stories, while catching a glimpse of the daily life of local people, who they are, how they live, where they came from.  We have introduced what we consider to be less “trodden” paths into this program, but richer ones from a tourist standpoint. By doing this, we “make” participants visit typical places in a lively and entertaining way.On arrival participants will be given a briefing and general rules will be distributed, along with road-books, team numbering and pocket-money.  The “BAIXA . BELÉM PEDDY PAPER” sets out to show the contrast between Ancient and Modern Lisbon and will take participants to its most interesting points, of which we would highlight: Downtown Lisbon and the Belém zone – Jerónimos, Bélem Cultural Center (CCB), Museu da Marinha, Padrão dos Descobrimentos, etc...The pastimes and tasks to be accomplished will enhance the program in different ways. To achieve this, we have divided them into the following general categories: Observation quizzes, local thematic quizzes, a tram trip, trying out regional specialties (cherry brandy and Belém custard cream tarts) shopping for typical products (chestnuts, gaily painted Barcelos Cockerel statuettes), and photos (optional).ROAD-BOOKS – Teams will find these a useful tool in achieving their goals.  They’ll be easy to handle and understand, while being entertaining at the same time.  All itineraries and tasks will be listed in these books.  The competitive factor is, of course, part of these activities, but in a beneficial way because in the end it turns out to be a win-win situation for everyone in getting to know a little more about Lisbon, Portugal and the people in their team.

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