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The Island of Madeira is blessed with an excellent location in the northern half of the Atlantic Ocean. It is approximately 700km from the coast of Africa and 1000km from mainland Portugal, and covers an area of 737 square kilometers, 57 km East-to-West by 22 km North-to-South. With a rugged landscape, it contrasts with the Porto Santo Island, with an area of 42 km2, which is almost flat.


Few people have heard of Madeira Island, the 'pearl of the Atlantic'. Here the charm and beauty, with which it was discovered in 1418, has not changed much. It has one of the most perfect climates in the world, making it a year round destination. It is never too hot, averaging maximums of 25ºC during the summer months and minimums of 17ºC during the winter. This benevolent climate enhances every leisure pastime, be it mountain walking, touring, hiking, etc.

Madeira is an island of contrasts. It is an exotic paradise of flowers, birds and trees offering it's visitors exquisite panoramic views over the mountains and the deep blue sea that surrounds the island. It is filled with deep ravines and Steep Mountain slopes that were once covered with laurel woods and are now covered in picturesque terraces growing in local produce. This can be noticed more in the southern part of the island, being the northern side more sparsely populated and separated from the southern side by the desolate mountain landscape in the middle. Madeira's unique environment and glorious natural beauty are just two of the many of the island's offering. There is an abundance of tropical fruits, Atlantic fresh fish and seafood and the famous Madeira wines. It is the ideal holiday destination for those simply wanting a restful retreat from the hectic pace of the 21st century living.

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