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The KIP is located close to the beautiful Palmela knoll south of Lisbon. The circuit is distinguished by a series of truly exceptional characteristics, especially its 1,270m perimeter, 10m wide and regular track, and its 1,500m2 support infrastructure. The equipment used in the trials we propose is generally a 160cc kart.- Briefings on race rules and team organization.- Distribution of helmets, karts and balaclavas (aseptic).- 20 minutes of chronometered practice – karts carry a sensor providing on-line information every time the line is crossed, which allows for the line-up to be planned, since the best practice-lap times are allotted the front positions for the start of the race.- 1hour endurance trial – the endurance trial, per se, is held as follows: the team making the greatest number of laps in a certain period of time (1 hour) wins.Since the races are run as a team effort, various changeovers in drivers are made during practice and trials.  These changeovers are conducted as follows: the driver on the track is warned by his/her teammate, who holds up a placard with the team number so that he/she knows they will have to make a pit-stop and be replaced.Each team will be able to see results easily and constantly on TV screens Classifications, via computer, are on-line and immediate, As soon as the winners are known, we go to the podium to hand out cups, medals and, of course, the time-honored champagne.

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